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I'm the guy your lawyer warned you about.


Bad Vegan is the thinly-veiled psuedonym of a DIY filmmaker from the Bay Area.

BV is one of the filmmakers behind the underground cult hit, Quality of Life, which won a jury award at the Berlin Int'l Film Festival and went on to limited release self-distribution in theaters.

His latest project, In-World War, is a low budget DIY sci fi epic. It's a proof-of-concept for DIY filmmakers everywhere. Most likely it will primarily prove the need for a day job.

In his feverish, dreamlike life, he has also been a paperboy, comic book vendor, line cook, beauty product part-time ceo, radio host, political organizer, business guy, producer/project manager, exchange student host family recruiter, web site developer, t-shirt maker, world traveler, start-up founder, VOD acquisitions exec, college instructor, and embittered former communist functionary.

Except for that last one. He made that up.

¡Viva la revolución!

Email contact: brant [at] studiolomismo [dot] com


filmmaking, music, sci-fi, progressive politics, artsy fartsy stuff, pirate jokes, and the letter "arrrr"